ETF Applications Boost Sentiment

June 27, 2023


The past week has brought a refreshing change to the cryptocurrency market as green dominates the charts. While there could be various underlying reasons behind this sudden surge, one factor that has undoubtedly contributed, at least partially, is the recent focus on spot ETF narratives. Interestingly, after the news about BlackRock and other traditional players' ETF initiatives, we have witnessed significant buying pressure originating from the United States, particularly from Coinbase.

Spot ETF Initiatives and Market Maturation

While the likelihood of spot ETF approvals in the United States may historically be relatively low, the initiatives taken by traditional and major players exert strong pressure and serve as a statement towards the country's regulatory body. It is interesting to note that historically, the approval ratio for ETF applications submitted by BlackRock has been 575-1. Even if spot ETFs are not ultimately approved in the United States, the actions of traditional players indicate the maturation of the industry and the growing interest from institutional investors, which is ultimately driven by customer demand.

Narratives and Market Impact

The development of the ETF application narrative brings a renewed buzz to the market. Could macro uncertainties and idiosyncratic challenges be overcome with positive, sentiment-boosting news? Could this be the beginning of a "spot ETF summer" akin to the DeFi summer? However, it's important to remember that in illiquid markets, spot price fluctuations can be substantial in either direction, and rapid narrative changes and FOMO-induced buying pressure can have a significant impact on the market.


ETF applications have breathed new life into the cryptocurrency market, triggering a surge in sentiment and buying pressure. While the chances of spot ETF approvals in the United States may be relatively low historically, the actions of traditional players indicate the industry's maturation and growing institutional interest. The ongoing narrative surrounding ETFs brings excitement and the potential for positive market developments. However, it's crucial to approach market movements with caution, as illiquid markets can experience significant fluctuations influenced by changing narratives and FOMO-driven behavior.

The information presented in this blog post is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice.