Why I started to work for myself?

May 10, 2022

"Why did you start working for yourself?"

This question often comes up in conversations with my former colleagues, many of whom are close friends I couldn't imagine my life without. The decision to embark on this path took time and careful consideration, as it should. It's not a choice to be made hastily or after a challenging day at work. In this post, I'll share the five essential reasons behind my decision to work for myself, each holding its own significance.

  1. Bringing Life to Your Ideas:Working for myself allows me the freedom to pursue my own ideas and projects. I have the flexibility to explore them at my own pace and discontinue those that don't align with my vision. Unlike a traditional job with managers, project teams, and annual targets, this path is riskier but also more fulfilling.
  2. Time for the Family:One of the greatest advantages is having ample time for my family. I can adjust my schedule to accommodate taking my child to daycare or extend a day off to assist my parents and parents-in-law with household repairs. I'm always available for my family, understanding that time with loved ones is precious, especially as children grow up so quickly.
  3. Freedom to Work Anywhere:Working for myself means I can start my day whenever I please or savor a leisurely breakfast. The choice is entirely mine. If the weather is delightful, I can set up my workspace in my summer house or spend a few days visiting my parents in the middle of the week. This freedom to work from anywhere brings a sense of liberation.
  4. Cultivating Discipline:Working independently has taught me the importance of discipline and effective time management. Without anyone to report to but myself, I have become more focused and committed to accomplishing the tasks I set for each day. This self-discipline empowers me to make progress and achieve my goals.
  5. Liberated from Mundane Tasks:As my business has grown, I have been able to delegate tasks that are not within my expertise. This liberation from mundane or challenging tasks that I used to push aside has transformed my work. I now have the freedom to prioritize and allocate my time more effectively, resulting in a more engaging and fulfilling work experience.


Deciding to work for myself was not an easy choice, but as Robert Frost famously said, "Freedom lies in being bold". Embracing entrepreneurship has allowed me to breathe life into my ideas, prioritize family time, work from anywhere, embrace discipline, and eliminate mundane tasks. It has been a journey of personal and professional growth, one that continues to reward me with a sense of liberation and fulfillment.

Remember, this post is a personal reflection and should not be construed as financial or career advice.